Meet our Thursday Thriver Erica Rich, founder of Bloom Foundation Gives  

 “Hello, fellow badasses! My name is Erika Rich. I am 27 and in March of 2019 at the age of 25, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I was living in Nashville at the time working as a Realtor, private chef, and yoga instructor. A beacon of health and faith, on any given day, you could find me with a green smoothie in hand, and with a smile on my face. With no history of cancer in my family, the diagnosis came as a complete shock. 

 Now back in Pittsburgh, I continue to combat cancer that has spread beyond the initial diagnosis of my breast, lymph nodes, liver, and bones, to, more recently my brain, lungs, and skin. I am currently on the successful treatment of Tukysa and Xeloda. Now I am just monitoring the tumor that remains in my right breast. 

 The real fun started in December of 2019, after 10 rounds of brain radiation my sister and I started the non-profit Bloom Foundation Gives. My sister initially created the foundation for her capstone project to help my family learn more about this disease we knew nothing about. 

  When I was diagnosed I was showered with generosity and wanted to give that to others. With everyones support I was able to make my most of this new diagnosis, so that became our backbone as a foundation. Our mission is to help make breast cancer fun and provide resources for overall wellness – mind, body, and spirit. We provide women with shopping sprees, yoga classes, and continue to add additional resources to our arsenal. 

 After a crazy year of lung and skin metastasis during a pandemic, I credit giving to other women through Bloom Foundation Gives to be the best medicine. Throughout this whole journey, my yoga foundation and amazing support from my friends and family have helped push me through these tough times. Never in a million years did I see my life turning out this way but it has been a time to slow down, focus on healing, and reprioritizing.”