Meet our beautiful Thursday Thriver

Hello my name is Angie Schneider, I live in Scott Township with my husband Bobby & my 23 year old son Corey. I was diagnosed with breast cancer June 7, 2017 at the age of 45. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so it wasn’t abnormal for me to be called back after my mammogram to have another one taken due to dense breast tissue. That routine had been happening for close to 8 years so I was never truly alarmed when I got that call to come back again, except a few days later I got a call telling me I needed a biopsy due to some suspicious findings. And so it began…..I was diagnosed with stage 1a breast cancer. I went through a double lumpectomy first due to DCIS in my other breast and then a separate surgery to have my lymph nodes taken due to the location of the tumor being very close to my chest wall. Let me add I never felt a lump or mass at all due to the location of the tumor. After that I went through 5 weeks of radiation all while working my full time job at Comcast that I’ve been at for 28 years.

Breast cancer statistics say 1 in every 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life. My mom is a survivor for over 9 years, my sister in law Mary had finished treatments about a year before I was diagnosed and my sister in law Tiffany was diagnosed with breast cancer the December before I was diagnosed. Tiffany now lives with MBC and her treatments will never end.

Today I spend time volunteering for the American Cancer Society and whenever I have the opportunity I advocate for mammograms and early detection. MBC cancer research is so important to me also for others like Tiffany who will be in treatments for the rest of their lives.

Pittsburgh has a great community for breast cancer support, I’ve met so many amazing women the past 3 years in this circle, a lot of them I call my friend’s. It’s so awesome to have a support group that knows what you going through even after surges & treatment have ended. The thought of reoccurrence never leaves your thoughts and some days that is a whole lot to deal with. Thanks to Sam & Christine for all they do for us at 412Thrive.